See the source code of your class/jar files. You have lost the source code of  an old version? You want see how a third party libaray work? Then JClassViewer is a possible solution for you.


  • It respect the line numbers in the class file if exists. The make a debugging with an IDE possible.
  • Use your own formatting of the generated code.
  • Should support other languages like Scale in the future


The JClassViewer was written with Java 7 and requiered Java 7 or higher.

Status of the project

The project is currently in a prealpha. A first alphs version will be available in the summer 2012. The follow are the open points:
  • 6 of 21 Tests are failing (88% code coverage)
  • printing of class fields
  • support for inner CLasses
  • support for Enums
  • printing and formating of synchronized blocks
  • classes without LineNumberTable
  • classes without LocalVariableTable
  • formating of loops (while, for)
  • a standalone Swing GUI tool
  • a Eclipse Plugin